One Note Stories

I’ve long carried the torch for a project I call One Note Stories. The premise to write a story that fits on a Post-It note. My torch has gone out many times, but I’m ready to bring it back. I’ve decided to type my One Note Stories onto digital Post-Its rather than scan the actual Post-Its I write on, because no one needs to look at my digitized handwriting. Look for the “One Note Story” tag in the Archive tab to follow along as we go!

note 1

Words in a Vacuum

Since I made this site, I’ve wanted it to be many things: an archive of my work, a space to share news of my writing endeavors, and a safe haven for capybara photos. Things have gone dormant a number of times, and formatting issues aside, the site has always looked a wee bit less awesome than I’d imagined it would.

So I return to you now with a new theme, no PDFs (all articles are embedded in this site) and a pledge to blog frequently, even if I’m the only reader. I want to write about movies I love, how weird I think Proveglia Island in Venice is, to try out projects and archive my failings.

In short, I want a site that is a living reflection of the culture hoarder’s attic that is my brain. I will be tagging posts to keep things tidy. Thanks for reading and let’s get ready to ramble!