CHEM TALES (San Francisco Weekly)

The Hegemony of Marijuana
Compassionate Care Redux
The Fate of The Emerald Triangle
Out Of The Fire, Into The Vape Pen
Cannabis Forum Debates San Francisco’s Equity Program
How to Make Cannabis in San Francisco Work (Part II)
How to Make Cannabis in San Francisco Work (Part I)
Celebrity Cannabis
The Spirit of Brownie Mary Lives On
S.F.’s Cannabis Department Gets a Director
Lagunitas Debuts Ale Brewed with Cannabis Terpene
Inside The Bay’s New Dope Delivery Service
Does the Marijuana Justice Act Have a Chance?
The Scientific Method
The Great Green North
Visitacion Valley Residents Fight to Stop Proposed Medical Dispensaries
Fish Tanks Strive for High-Water Mark
Barbary Coast Debuts Stylish New Lounge
A Better Taste of Your Own Medicine
The Queen of Green
It Ain’t Easy Being Green
Cannabis Labs Weigh In
Outdoor Farmers Voice Cannabis Regulation Concerns
One-Click Cannabis
Banking with Bud
City Ponders Reefer Regulations
Bloom Farms Brings Charity to Cannabis
The Bride Wore Green
Marijuana By Montel
No Child’s Play for Cannabis Containers
Cannabis Countdown Hits San Francisco
Pot and Pinot Unite
Getting High in the Sky with SFO’s Weed Policies
Oakland Cannabis Amendment Sparks Controversy
Oakland Cannabis Company Gives Back to Cancer Patients
Sessions Hints at a War on Marijuana. Now What?
Could L.A.’s Prop M Lead to Cannabis Reform?
How Pot Kept an Autistic Child Out of a Facility
Can Pot Help Opiod Addicts to Recover?
Treat Yourself Strives to Make Edibles Healthy
From Four-Leaf Clovers to Pot Leaves
Berkeley Amoeba to Open Pot Dispensary in Jazz Section
Progress on Pot Policy Could Be Undone by Trump
Small Growers Fear Changes Promised by Prop. 64
Legislators Seek Ban on Pot Smoking While Driving

Grandma, Are You Smoking Pot?
What Does the Feds’ Recent Ruling on CBD Mean?
Leading the Fight to Give Veterans Access to Cannabis
Can Cannabis Treats Help Pets, Too?
Can Trump’s Attorney General Stop Pot Reform?
‘Dinner Is Dope’ = Food, Cannabis, and Community
What Happens Now That Prop. 64 Has Passed?
A Pot-Based Drug Could Treat Addiction to Nicotine
Max Simon’s Fight to Bring Cannabis Into the Mainstream


REVIEWS (San Francisco Evergreen)

Satori Chocolate Bites
Absolute Xtracts Fish Tanks & Vape Pen
Strawberry Cough Vape Cartridge by Highly Concentrated
Smoke Journey’s Journey4 Pipe
Silverstick One-Hitter
Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer
The Legion of Bloom Terrapen Vape Pen
The Legion of Bloom CBD Transdermal Roll-On
Orange Sherbet from Norcal Farmz
Grav Labs Upright Bubbler
Hmbldt Bliss and Relief Dosage Vape Pens
Ganja Gold’s Purple Pie Tarantula Pre-Roll
Flow Kana’s Love and Hope
The Source Nail


FEATURES (San Francisco Evergreen)

Funk Master George Clinton On the Ultimate Drugs
George Clinton doesn’t merely play funk — he lives it.

Atlas Edibles Brings Art to Cannabis
For Ezra Malmuth, incorporating local artists into his edibles brand was a no-brainer.

Coin-Op Pot
Until recently, the idea of a vending machine that dispensed OG Kush like a can of cola was the type of thing one might dream of after one too many tokes.

Is L.A.’s Hitman Coffee The Future of Cannabis?
What is Hitman Coffee? The answer to that question is as complicated as the man behind it.

San Francisco’s Top Five Edible Marijuana Companies
From olive oils and jams to macarons and marshmallows, there’s something for everyone in the Bay Area edibles scene.

Calfornia Congress Member Introduces Bill to Limit Federal Power on Marijuana
The bill — also known as H.R. 975 — would protect people from prosecution under the federal Controlled Substances Act as long as they act in accordance with their own state’s marijuana laws.

Pot for Pooches
Cannabis is going to the dogs — or, in Liz Hughston’s case, three particular dogs.

PAX is Bringing A Sleek Aesthetic To a Once-Funky Industry
“It’s aspirational for us,” PAX CEO Tyler Goldman says when asked of the Apple comparisons. “Who wouldn’t want to be compared to Apple?”

A New Golden Standard
Election Day is on Nov. 8, and for proponents of California’s Prop. 64, it means that legalized recreational use of cannabis for adults in the state may finally become a reality.

Dabbing in the Flow State
Seibo Shen has a lot of ideas.