Marin Magazine

Current as of 01/18/19

Hidden Marin: Yoga and Legendary Musicians Mix at Harmonia
(February 2019) Yoga of Sausalito joins the wellness center now operating at the site of a legendary studio of another sort.

Hidden Marin: A 1944 Mount Tamalpais Plane Crash
(November 2018) Mount Tamalpais is renowned for its lush nature and gorgeous vistas, but hidden among the redwoods are the remnants of a tragedy that occurred 74 years ago this month.

MVFF: Spotlight on Paul Dano
(October 2018) The actor discusses how Richard Ford’s novel Wildlife inspired him to step behind the camera for the first time.

Ashes to Action: Rebuilding After the Tubbs Fire
(October 2018) It’s been a year since the Tubbs fire devasted parts of Napa, Sonoma and beyond. For Rebuild North Bay, the work has only just begun.

The Book vs. The Movie: Which Was Better?
(October 2018) “While many films have failed to surpass their literary counterparts, some have risen to the challenge.”

Hidden Marin: Camp Bothin
(October 2018) The Fairfax campground used by Girl Scouts of Northern California may have spookier residents as well.

Hidden Marin: Lyford’s Tower
(September 2018) Who could blame Dr. Benjamin Lyford for looking at Tiburon and envisioning a utopia?

Where There’s Smoke
(July 2018) A primer on pot’s new golden age.